Automotive Research Association of India
Research Institute of the Automotive Industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India
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Vision & Mission

ARAI has a strong base of state-of-the-art technology equipments, laboratory facilities and highly qualified and experienced personnel. With these assets, ARAI has goals, strategies and action plans to achieve fullest customer satisfaction. These are

  to compete in service with excellence   to cover global market
  to obtain recognition and accreditation   to build commitment of all personnel
  to develop team spirit and sense of belonging amongst all.

ARAI has been providing various services to the Indian Automotive Industry in the areas of design & development and know-how for manufacture & testing of components / system to national / international standards. ARAI shall strive to achieve international recognition in these areas.
ARAI shall seek the valuable guidance and support from association members, from time to time to achieve growth and stability.
With the globalization of economy and business, ARAI shall enlarge its scope of services to meet the requirements of automotive industries anywhere in the world.
ARAI strongly believes that satisfaction of the customer needs on continuing basis is of prime importance to earn the loyalty of the customers. Therefore, emphasis shall be on meeting and exceeding the customer needs through continuing quality improvement with active participation of employees and also the customer.