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Component Type Approval
The Central Government, from time to time, by notification in the official gazette notifies the safety standards of any part, component or assembly to be used in manufacture of a vehicle.

The notification also specifies the date from which such a compliance to be achieved by every manufacturer for manufacturing of the vehicle. Several such parts, components or assemblies are notified till date for different categories of vehicles. Component approval is done by the testing agencies notified under Rule 126.

Safety components such as horns, mirrors, lighting / signaling devices, seats, etc. are notified under specific rules of CMVR. Such a rule specifies Test Standard (AIS / BIS, etc), to which the said component / system should conform. Component manufacturer must approach the test agency for necessary testing and approval.

Copy / reference of such Component Approval Report should be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer, while seeking compliance approval against that particular rule.

For example, horn for a 2 wheeler is notified under Rule 119 (1) of CMVR. Accordingly, the component must comply to IS 1884-1993. Component manufacturer should obtain compliance report to this standard. Additionally, when the horn is fitted in a particular vehicle model, it should comply with the installation requirement as per AIS 014. The vehicle manufacturer (2 wheeler manufacturer, in this particular case) should therefore seek approval as per AIS 014 for use of that specific model of horn.

Refer attached application forms which could be downloaded and could be used for submission of Technical Specifications for component Type Approval at ARAI.

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