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Research and Development
With the availability of the state of the art facilities for characterization of materials and a very talented, experienced and vivacious team of engineers, Automotive Materials Laboratory (AML) strives to advance the research and development (R & D) of automotive materials and processes. The vision of the AML is to develop the Center of Excellence for Materials under the NATRiP initiative.

AML is currently focusing on following R & D activities:
Advanced Materials
AML is currently working on several research projects to promote the use of advanced materials in order to develop vehicles which are safer, more fuel-efficient and environment friendly; at the same time being lighter and cost effective. The targeted areas for advanced materials include high strength steels (HSS); aluminum, magnesium & titanium alloys; ceramics and polymeric materials; composites; nanostructured materials; wear resistant and aesthetic coatings; sound damping or NVH materials and shape memory alloys for automotive applications.

Development of Alternate Materials and Processes:
AML has a well experienced and knowledgeable team of metallurgists, materials engineers and chemists who regularly provide their expert consultancy to various industries in development of alternate materials and processes for higher performance and cost effectiveness. The consultancy is not restricted to the laboratory level but our engineers often go to the actual field of work and help the customer to conduct well thought experiments for improving their materials or processes.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis:

Failures can not be eliminated but tracing the cause of failure may help to reduce the probability and rate of failures. AML has built an excellent reputation in providing expert services for failure analysis of components used in range of applications such automobiles, naval, aircrafts, manufacturing equipments, turbine blades etc. With the availability of advanced characterization tools such as ESEM and EDAX, AML-experts routinely analyze failed components for metallography, fractography and microstructure analysis and get to the root cause of the failure. Click here to look at a case study of failure analysis.

Chemical characterization of ambient and vehicle exhaust particulate matter:
Facility for the detailed chemical speciation of the ambient particulate matter with respect to cations & anions, organic & elemental carbon fractions, elements and organic molecular markers is available. This characterization can give a very good insight of the composition of particulate matter for identification of air polluting sources.

Sponsored Projects:
In addition to core research projects, AML regularly undertakes R & D projects sponsored by OEMs, component manufacturers, ferrous and nonferrous alloys manufacturers and R & D organizations. Please click here for the list of some of the projects already completed or currently undergoing include Life Prediction Studies of Plastics and Friction Materials, Effect of Environmental Conditions on Stress Distribution of a Polymeric Material, Process Development of Precipitation Hardenable Al-alloys, Metallurgical Failure Analysis of Components Failed in Service as well as Those Failed Prematurely During Endurance Testing.