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  Who will supply calibration gases?
Once an AMC is entered into, it will be the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide calibration gases as a part of the AMC.
  What are the preconditions for granting extension of PUC Centre ?
It is made mandatory for equipment manufacturer to enter into Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with the PUC test center to whom the equipment is supplied. The AMC contract includes 3 visits for servicing and calibration per year. The PUC centers which are in AMC will get extension of the PUC Centre.
  What is meant by Centralized Station of PUC equipment manufacturer?
In any city, the Centralized Stations is a place authorized by manufacturer for conducting annual maintenance contract and calibration of the equipment by their authorized engineer. The name and location of the authorized station will be declared by the manufacturer before entering into the annual maintenance contract.
  2 Gas analyzers are suitable for testing which vehicles?
As per the mandatory requirement, 2-gas analyzers can be used for all petrol/CNG/LPG 2&3-wheeler vehicles and 4-wheeler vehicles which are not Bharat Stage-II/III compliant.
  4 Gas analyzers are suitable for testing which vehicles?
The new 4-gas analyzers can be used for 2, 3 & 4-wheeler vehicles. The Bharat State-II and tighter norms compliant vehicles will be certified by using 4-gas analyzer only.
  Smoke meter are suitable for testing which vehicles?
  Smoke meters can be used for testing any diesel vehicles only.
  What is meant by ‘Code of Practice’ for PUC Center? Back to top
  Code of Practice for PUC Center is a set of mandatory rules laid down by the Government for the smooth operation of PUC center.
  What is meant by ‘Code of Practice’ for equipment manufacturer?
A Code of Practice for PUC equipment manufacturer is a set of mandatory rules laid down by the Government for maintaining cordiality between PUC equipment manufacturer and the Test Agency.
  Where is the updated information about certified PUC equipment available?
  The updated information about certified PUC equipment is available on the ARAI website at
  Does the AMC charges include cost of spares ?
  The AMC charges indicated on our website include cost of specified spares. However, taxes as applicable will be extra.
  Does the AMC charges include computerized PUC Centres ?
The AMC charges indicated on our website include PUC equipment only but NOT the computer and its software.
What are the precautions to be followed for engine RPM measurement while doing the free acceleration test ?
The clamp-on sensor supplied with the smoke meter is suitable for diesel vehicles having fuel pipe diameter in the range 5.9-6.35 mm. Smoke meter manufacturers shall supply a gauge along with the smoke meter to enable the operator to ascertain before-hand about the fitment of RPM sensor to fuel pipe without damaging the sensor. For models in the field whose diameter is outside this range, the above sensor should not be used. For such models, vibration sensor or battery type sensor or a clamp-on sensor with suitable diameter may be used as an alternative, if there is a problem. In case of clamp-on sensor, PUC operator should ensure that the fuel injection pipe is clean and mount the sensor on available straight portion of the pipe.
  What are the precautions to be followed for oil temperature measurement for the vehicles where there is no oil dip-stick for insertion of oil temperature sensor ?
Some Vehicles do not have oil dipstick but they have an opening with removable lid where oil temperature sensor can be inserted for oil temperature measurement. Since oil temperature sensor is sensitive, one has to be careful in its use. PUC operators has to insert the sensor upto a depth of oil level and not beyond the limit lest the sensor gets damaged. For this purpose PUC operator should first ascertain the oil level through a dummy dip stick and insert the sensor upto that length only.
  want to buy an electric bike. Which electric bikes ARAI has approved? Back to top
Certain electric bikes fall under exempt category on account of power less than 250 W and max speed less than 25kmph. Other vehicles fall under the normal category of motor vehicles and hence require type approval certificate for compliance to CMVR. You should ask the status to the vehicle manufacturer/ supplier. ARAI does not publish details regarding such vehicles.
  Am the manufacturer of electric vehicle in India. What is the procedure for approval of electric vehicle?
Electric vehicles, having maximum power less than 250 W and speed less than 25 kmph are exempt from type approval requirements. You should examine if your vehicle falls under this limit. If yes, you should approach ARAI for necessary exemption. If the vehicle is above these limits, it will be treated as motor vehicle and hence would need to be type approved. This type approval is done vehicle model-wise. Tests are defined in CMVR. Details regarding type approval application are available on ARAI website.
Want to import electric vehicle in India for individual use. Does it need ARAI’s approval? What is the procedure for approval?
Whether imported or Indian, requirements of above para are equally applicable. It is also applicable for import for individual use.
Want to import electric vehicles in India for trading purpose. Does it need ARAI’s approval? What is the procedure?
As stated above, the rules are applicable equally to imported vehicle. Before importing the vehicles, the importer should study the provisions of import policy of Government of India as well as the requirements of homologation given under (CMVR) Central Motor Vehicles Rules.
What are the charges for testing and approval of the electric vehicle? How much time is required for testing and approval?
Testing requirements will depend on vehicle category and its technical specifications. The party has to apply for approval by giving detailed vehicle specifications in requisite format. Details regarding formats are available on ARAI website. On receipt of the application, ARAI works out test charges. Under normal situation, for every new vehicle model, 2-3 month time is required for compliance testing and certification.
  Who is authorized to approve electric vehicles?
Under Rule 126 of CMVR, certain test agencies are authorized to issue type approval certificate for vehicles. ARAI is one of those.
  Do I need license for driving a small electric bicycle?
Electric Vehicles, which have power less than 250 W and speed less than 25 kmph are not categorized as motor vehicles. Hence the transport rules are not applicable for such exempt category vehicles.
I want to import a brand new vehicle for my personal use. What are the homologation requirements?
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Import of vehicles is governed under regulations issued by Director General of Foreign Trade. There are certain exempt categories under DGFT notification. If the import of vehicle does not fall under any one of the exempt categories, such a vehicle has to meet all safety/ emission tests notified under Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR).
I want to import in-use vehicle for my personal use. What are the homologation requirements?
Import of second hand vehicles is also covered under DGFT rules. You should examine the requirements of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).
  I want to import vehicles for trading purpose in India. Do I need homologation certificate?
Yes. Your vehicle will have to be tested and certified for compliance to safety/ emission regulations of CMVR. You should study these requirements and then approach the test agency for homologation requirement.
I want to import a vehicle model which is already approved in the country of origin. Does India accept the approval certificate from the country of origin (for example EEC approval)?
  India is under no obligation to accept the compliance certificates of other countries.

However there are certain provisions available with DGFT that may permit import and subsequent registration of such vehicle under specified conditions by DGFT.
What is the procedure for obtaining Vehicle Type Approval certificate for compliance to CMVR?
Vehicle manufacturer is required to send application to the test agency. He can do so by filling up detailed vehicle specifications in the requisite format. This format is available on website as document number AIS 007.
I am a small-scale manufacturer in India. I produce/ want to produce only very small number of vehicles. Do I still need TA certificate?
Yes. Any manufacturer, who intends to produce vehicle for use on road, for registration by transport Authority would require compliance certificate to Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR).
  Which tests are required in order to grant approval to vehicles? Back to top
The tests are related to safety, emission and other requirements as notified by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways from time to time. These tests are performed on safety critical components/ assemblies and also on full vehicles. Category-wise details are available on ARAI website.
  Is it necessary that every vehicle should be sent to ARAI for testing?
  If the manufacturer is seeking CMVR compliance certificate, he has to establish compliance by carrying out requisite tests on a prototype model. He should approach to the test agencies notified under CMVR. ARAI is one such agency.
  Is the test vehicle destroyed/ damaged during testing?
Majority of the tests are non-destructive in nature. However some of the test related to crash (4 wheelers) are destructive in nature. Separate body shells/ components are required for such tests.
I have designed a vehicle using already tested engine and other components. Do I still need vehicle approval?
There are several other requirements related to vehicle performance, components and safety parameters. Your vehicle will have to comply to all such regulatory requirements enforced from time to time.
I want the list of the vehicles already approved by ARAI. I also want the specifications of the approved vehicles.
Type Approval Certificate is issued by the test agency to the vehicle manufacturer and hence the manufacturer holds the distribution rights. This documents are not available through ARAI in public domain.
For my study purpose I require certain specifications/ details of a particular vehicle model which is approved by ARAI. Where and how can I get this information? I am prepared to pay any charges if required.
You should approach the vehicle manufacture or his representative. As stated in earlier question, this information is not available in the public domain through ARAI. You may like to refer the similar information published in other public domain.
  Is ARAI’s certificate necessary for registering the vehicle in India? Back to top
Registration is granted by transport authorities. One of the requirements for registration of any vehicle is the compliance certificate submitted by the vehicle manufacturer. The manufacturer gets model-wise certificates from testing agencies like ARAI.
I have designed a special vehicle, which will remain in close premises and will not come on the road. Is it still necessary to get ARAI approval?
  No. If the vehicle is not classified as motor vehicle, certificate from test agency is not required.
New norms are notified from time to time. Where do I get the consolidated information about the latest notifications?
There are agencies who can give you consolidated notifications. You can also procure those from the Law Ministry, New Delhi. ARAI publishes a compilation of gazette notifications. You can subscribe for online services of ARAI.
See for more details.
I am a CNG/ LPG kit manufacturer. I wish to apply for approval of my kit. What is the procedure?
CNG/ LPG components are tested as per specific safety standards. Components like Regulators, gas-air mixers, tubes, etc need testing and approval as per notified standards. In addition there are tests related to vehicle/ engine performance and safety checks on the vehicle. Details are available on website.
  I want to convert my vehicle to run on electric motor. Are any such kits available?
Presently there are no norms for conversion of existing petrol/ diesel vehicle to run on electric motor. ARAI has therefore not approved any such kit. However there are certain vehicle models, which are originally manufactured to run on battery.
  Where to find out the latest information about approved manufacturers of PUC Equipment ?
  The latest information about the approved manufacturers of PUC Equipment is available on the website
  What is the validity of Type Approval Certificate?
  The validity of Type Approval Certificate is 5 years from the date of its issue.
  What is the Procedure for calibrating the particular job at ARAI?
  Customer has to submit the enquiry mentioning parameter ,accuracy & number of points, recalibration frequency by filling the details in attached form any mode of communication (Email, Letter, Phone, Personal Visit Etc) asking for quotation. If the information provided in enquiry is cleared & technically it is feasible you will get reply within 24 Hours with quotation or clarification mail if any doubts regarding the calibration. After accepting the charges & CMC (Calibration Measurement Capability) mentioned in NABL Scope you can ask for appointment through any mode of communication, you will get the proper appointment from concern engineer . On this date you can submit the equipment with payment, Manual, connectors (if any), at that time you will get the Planned Date of Completion (Mutually Agreed Date between customer & Lab at which you will get calibrated equipment with report). Customer can collect the instrument on that date. All the 'parameters' (like mass, temperature, force, AC/DC voltage, Impedance etc.) are listed on this web-page.For specialized job which is not listed here, you are requested to contact us.
  How much time will take any particular job for calibration?
Answer of this question is not straightforward. It depends upon many factors such as the workload at the time of job initiation for the concerned technical personal and availability of Master equipment/standards to be used for that particular job.

If job is without ambiguity, routine parameter & Master equipment is Available customer will get back the unit within 4 days.

ARAI Calibration lab inform Planned date of completion to customer at the time of submission or through mail after submission even with all the limitations as mentioned above and we try our best to complete the particular job within the given time frame. We do inform the customer in advance for the delay, if any.
What is criteria for defining the calibration frequency?
The date of recalibration depends upon many factors like frequency of use of the instrument, its proper care and handling, environmental conditions, operation & maintenance and so on. In fact, the responsibility of re-calibration at proper time lies with the user as he/she only can assess the above mentioned factors correctly. Customer can mention the calibration frequency by considering above factors initially in the calibration request form.
  Is there any additional Charges for On site calibration, Adjustment requires if any & Urgent service is taken?
Yes there are additional Charge for ON site, Adjustment to particular parameter & Urgent calibration. At the time of enquiry you have to mention and you will get the charges accordingly.
  Is there facility to take the facility to calibrate all the job of our Production Plant & maintain the calibration Planner for our jobs?
Yes Definitely, We call it as Trunkey Project .You can give all the list of instruments With necessary information & make a contract for it. We Do the calibration of these jobs at site (customers premises), at lab & if some instrument are not possible at our lab we get it done from outside agency. You will get the benefit of this single Window service by saving the production time.
  How the accuracy is to be mention if ant instrument is not having manual?
Generally accuracy is mention as per your usage. If particular equipment is to be used at inward inspection of material, any Process during the Production the measurement plays the crucial role. If your equipment is out of specification you will not expect the qualitative product & it will not give any confidence.
  General terms for determining the accuracy?
  Generally accuracy is mention with following ways :
  % of reading :Accuracy will be different for each point
  % Of Full scale :Accuracy will same for that range
  % Of reading +No .of Digit::Accuracy will contain % of the particular point+(Resolution of that point * No of digit mention)
  Accuracy is also mention in unit.
  Any Training is available for all these basic concepts?
Yes, we will have the great pleasure to give the training to you. We arrange general Training & also Specific training for a particular parameter. You can send the enquiry through any mode of communication.
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