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Research Institute of the Automotive Industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India
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Vehicle Evaluation

Major Facilities
Special Facilities
Details of Vehicle Test Tracks
Capabilities / Services Offered by VEL
Specialized Services Offered
Capabilities / Services Offered by VEL

Vehicle Evaluation  Trials ( Certification / Developmental )
  Brake Performance Evaluation - for 4 - Wheelers
(as per IS 11852-2001, Part 1 to 8, and IS 11852-2003, Part 9)
  Brake Performance Evaluation – for 2 / 3-Wheelers
(as per IS 14664-1999)
  Gradeability Test for all Vehicles
(as per AIS 003:1999 & IS 13988-2002)
  Coast Down Test for all Vehicles
(as per IS 14785-2000)
  Pass-by Noise Level Measurement Test for all vehicles
(as per IS 3028-1998)
  Interior Noise Level Measurement Test for N2 /N3 and M2/M3 category of vehicles
(as per AIS 020)
  Constant Speed Fuel Consumption
As per IS 10881-1994 for 2-Wheelers
As per AIS 054 for 3-Wheelers
As per IS 11921-1993 for Other than 2-Wheelers
  Constant Speed Fuel Consumption Test of LPG and CNG fuelled vehicles
(as per IS 11921-1993)
  Speedometer Calibration
(as per IS 11827-1995 for all Vehicles)
  Turning Circle Diameter Check for all vehicles other than2-Wheelers
(as per IS 12222-1987)
  Steering Effort Measurement for all vehicles other than 2-Wheelers
(as per IS 11948-1998)
  Hood Latch Test (for all four wheelers fitted with front bonnet)
(as per IS 14226-1995)
  Tell Tale Symbols Checks
(as per IS 14413-1996) - for 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers with handlebar
(as per SS 12.1 for all vehicles other than 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers)
  Cooling Performance Trials
(as per IS 14557-1998) for all vehicles fitted with water cooled engines other than 2 and three wheelers
  Range Test for LPG / CNG fuelled vehicles
(as per AIS 055)
  Physical Verification Tests for All type of vehicles
(as per CMVR)
  Vehicle Weighment for all vehicles
(as per IS 11825-1986)
  Wheel Guard Measurement for Passenger Cars
(as per IS 13943-1994)
  External Projection Check for all vehicles other than 2 and 3 wheelers
(as per IS 13942-1994)
  Safety Checks for CNG / LPG fuelled vehicles
(as per AIS 026, AIS 027 and AIS 028)
  Verification of arrangement for operation of Foot Controls
(as per AIS 035)
  Requirement of Temporary Cabin for Drive Away Chassis
(as per AIS 070)
  Measurement of Approach, Departure and Ramp Angles of Automotive Vehicles
(G Category) as per IS 12218-1987
  Electro-Magnetic Radiation from Automotive Vehicles
(as per AIS 004)
  Odometer Calibration (as per IS 11850:1986) for all vehicles
  Highway fuel consumption
  City fuel consumption
  Acceleration performance of 2w (as per IS 10407: 1998)
  Acceleration performance of automotive vehicles other than 2w & 3w (as per IS 11851: 1986)
  Fuel efficiency test
  Maneuverability on Serpentine Course
  Stationary Noise Level Measurement (as per ISO 5130:1982(E),IS 10399:1998 for all vehicles
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