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Vehicle Dynamics

Softwares for analysis and control
nSoft from Code International for statistical, frequency, coherence, fatigue, correlation, signature, Power train analysis and fracture mechanics.
RPC-III with Flex test from MTS, USA for remote parameter control for simulations up to 16 x 16 square and non square matrices, geometric compensation, life prediction, rig control simulation, statistical, frequency and coherence analysis.
Reflective photo-elastic equipment from Measurement Group, USA assists to visualize the stress pattern, identification of critical areas and quantification of local stresses on various components under static / dynamic loads.
Adams View for vehicle dynamics study and multibody simulation.
ARAIDe for calculation of road profiles and IRI.
Multi- Axis Simulator 329: two corner system consists of front and rear spindle mounted fixtures that produce vertical, longitudinal and lateral forces through the front and rear spindles for two-wheeler and left and right hand spindle for four- wheeler. This system enables evaluation of suspension systems for half-car performance and durability tests on the suspension assembly. Also facilitates manufacturers in the development of the vehicles in following areas:

  Structural Durability   Frame dynamic behavior
  Ride comfort Analysis   Vibration tests
  Evaluation of suspension    
  Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Analysis :
  16 Channel Low level SOMAT
  32 Channel Low Level SOMAT
  32 Channel High Level SOMAT
  48 Channel Dewetron
  In Lab DAQ System
  High level SOMAT DEWETRON Encoder
  Analysis tools:
  Time History Viewing / Editing   Rainflow Cycle Counting
  Statistical Analysis   Ride Comfort Evaluation
  Frequency / Filtering Tools   Arithmetic Manipulation Tools

Fatigue life analysis
  Stress – Strain Analysis   Stress life / Strain Life Fatigue Analysis
  Weibull Analysis   Damage Analysis
  Fatigue Utility Tools    
  Damage Analysis