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Research Institute of the Automotive Industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India
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Vehicle Road Interaction Analysis
Instrumentation Toolkit
  Sensors for durability & vibration measurement
  High range, miniature telemetry systems for wireless data
  Wheel Force Transducers from Car to HCV
  Ride & Handing sensors & system
  Road profile measurement system
  Vehicle tracking & video data logging
  High speed data acquisition for 200+ synchronous channels
  40 Engineering Measurements
  Vehicle/component level Duty cycle measurement sensors & systems

Data Analysis Toolkit

  Basic Statistical & Spectral analysis
  Rain flow cycle counting
  Fatigue Life & Damage Estimation
  Customer correlation
  Ride comfort analysis
  Duty cycle analysis
  Failure & durability analysis
  MBD Analysis
  3D Road Profile Database
  Survey India Database
  WFT Database
  2D Road Profile Database
  Vehicle Response Parameters Database
  SDL's Literature Database
Software toolkit
  ARAI Vehicle Data Analysis Software
  RPC Pro and CRPC Pro
  nCode-GlyphWorks, n-Soft
Strain Gauges and Sensors
Telemetry Mounted
Ride & Handling
Data Acquisition Systems
Complete Range of
Wheel Force
Transducers Car
to HCV

Fatigue Testing and durability evaluation
Controller & Test Facility Toolkit
  Centralized 210 Bar Hydraulic power pack with 2500 LPM flow
  Servo hydraulic Actuators & load cells 10 kN to 250 kN – 70 nos
  Single & Multi channel (4/6/24) digital controllers
  High frequency Resonance pulsator & Material test machine
  High strain rate machine with digital image correlation
  Seismic block for four poster & multi-axis testing
  6000 kgf electro dynamic shaker
  Strong floor, load frames, portal frames, bed plates etc
Electro Dynamic Shaker with Climatic Chamber Single to Multi Channel Digital Controllers Bi-Axial Vertical
Component Test Multi-Axis Axle Test

Laboratory simulation
Multi-Axis Simulator Toolkit
  MTS 329 Half Car Simulator
  Configurable facility for all types of vehicle - 2/3/4 Wheelers Car to HCV
  4/ 5/ 7 Channel Cabin Simulator
  Custom Built Full Frame Simulator - 24 Channels
  Custom Built Lower Control Arm Simulator
  Custom Built Seat Simulator
  Orthogonal Multi Axis Simulation Table (MAST)
  Hexapod – Multi-Axis simulation Table (MAST)
Orthogonal Multi Axis Simulation table (MAST) Cabin Simulator Multi Axis Rig
4-Poster Rig
Hexapod – Multi-Axis simulation Table (MAST)

Test Rig for Certification and Testing of Seat
Certification / Development
  Seat testing as per IS15546 / ECE R 17 and AIS 23 / ECE R 80
  Seat Belt Anchorage (SBA) test as per IS15139 / ECE R 14
  Seat Ingress/Egress & Jounce/Squirm Test using Robot Test Facility
  Seat Vibration and seat frame durability

Test using Robot

Head Restraint
Test Rig

  1250 Man Years Experience
  2,50,000 km of Service Load Data Acquisition
  7,00,000 hours of Component and Durability Testing
  40,000 hours of Simulation Testing
  1000 km of Digitized Indian Road Profile
  48 Automotive Materials in Material Data Bank

Industries Served


Agriculture & Off Highway



Service Portfolio

Durability Data Analysis
  Durability Testing of Structural, Suspension,
Engine and Other peripheral components
  2/4/6 Poster Simulator and Durability Rig
  Cabin, Chassis Simulation & Durability
  2 wheeler, Passenger Car, SUV etc Half Car Multi-Axis
Simulation & Durability
  24 Axis Truck Chassis Simulation & Durability
  Vibration Durability with Climatic Chamber
  Test Specification Development
  Correlation & Duty Cycle
  Time & Frequency Domain Analysis
  Fatigue Life Estimation
  Accelerated Durability Analysis
  Micro Trip Analysis


Road Load Data Acquisition Vehicle Dynamics
  Service Load Measurement
  Measurement of Wheel Forces & Moments
  Benchmarking & Duty Cycle Measurement
  Digital Road Profile Measurement
  Ride & Handling Data Measurement & Analysis
  MBD Model Creation and Validation
  Integration of Virtual and Experimental Tools
  Product Development using Component In Loop System
ARAI Vehicle Data Analysis Software
Technical Highlights
  Analysis Methodologies along with Appropriate Database
  Web based application; can be accessed through internet.
  Modular and Scalable
  Can Accommodate Client Specific requirements

  Vehicle Database
  Material Database
  Analysis Modules ( Statistical, spectral, probability Density etc.)
  ARAI published Literature (SAE papers, Seminar presentations etc.)


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