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Chassis Dynamometer Test Facilities
Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED)
Weighing Chamber
Central Gas handling system
Environmental Control System
Engine Dynamometer Test Facilities
Nano Particle Measurement Facility
With emerging new vehicle technologies, the current and future vehicles have very low pollutant concentration in their exhaust. To certify such advanced technology vehicles for Type Approval and Conformity of Production (COP) as per present and future emission legislations, new generation emission equipment with better accuracy, repeatability and reliability is required. Hence state-of-the-art emission equipments, which can measure very low concentrations of emissions, are set up in the emission laboratory. Also to ensure the accuracy of measurement the ambient air parameters like temperature, humidity are tightly controlled.

Salient Features of Chassis Dynamometer test facilities
State of the art test facility with latest generation world class equipments along with controlled test cell conditions to ensure better accuracy and repeatability.
Fully geared for carrying out emissions tests as per BS IV/EURO IV.
Latest generation, Emission analyzers with Dirty/ clean line concept for distinguishing ultra clean vehicles and with low concentration measurement capabilities and including NMHC measurement for CNG vehicles.
Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED): The variable Temperature Variable Volume (VT/VV) SHED has wide temperature range of 15 deg.c to 50 deg.c with accuracy +/- 1 deg.c.
Nano Particle Measurement exclusive set–up for research & development, evaluation & certification, conforming to euro v/ euro vi & future world harmonized regulations
Sampling device along with a well equipped chemical laboratory to carry out further study on the particulate emissions for it’s chemical speciation in terms of SOF and IOF analysis, and to measure the unregulated emissions: like Benzene, 1-3 Butadiene, PAH and carbonyl.
  Fully automated Test benches
  Control of test cell temperature with an accuracy of 1 Deg. C in the range of 20-30Deg. C
Control of Absolute Humidity of test cell  within +/- 1 g H2O /kg air in the range of 5.5 to 12.2 g H2O /kg air
Central Gas Handling for all the calibration and operational gases
  Continuous on line traces for Power, Force, Speed, CO, THC, Nox, CO2.
  Multiple I/O junction boxes for connection for measurement of additional parameters from Vehicle.
  40 channel data acquisition system for on line traces during emission testing.
Highly qualified trained manpower with vast experience in testing, system certification and other emission related areas with national and international exposure.
Well maintained calibration  record for all the equipments and sensors as per regulations/ISO/NABL requirements
  Highly committed, hard working and sincere staff having excellent understanding about regulations.
Commendable record of handling with timely disposal of highest numbers of certifications since evolution of emission regulation in the country.

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