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Research Institute of the Automotive Industry with the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India
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CMVR Approved Components

  List of ARAI approved speed limiter device manufacturer with appropriate approved vehicle Models as on 20th September 2017 Download File 1520 KB
  Status of Number plate Certificates issued by ARAI as on 6th July 2017 Download File 449 KB
  Status of Automotive Lamps approved as per AIS - 034 as on April 2017 Download File 429 KB
  Status of Electrical Horns Testing as per IS: 1884-1993 as on JUL 2017 Download File 48 KB
  Testing status of rear marking retro reflective tape (colour red, white and yellow) as per ECE:104/ AIS:-090 as on August 2017 approved from ARAI Download File 40 KB
  List of Approved RFID Tag suppliers/vendors as per MoRTH Resolution H-25011/4/2011-P&P (Toll) Vol.II Dated 28th Sept. 2011 & as amended by MoRTH Resolution No.H-25011/04/2011-P&P(Toll)Vol. V (Part) Dated 19th Sep. 2013 Download File 224 KB